Art Sorb: Science and Engineering Working for the Sake of Art

Are your humidity levels up one day, then down the next? Are they always too high or too low regardless of what you try? Protect your valuable pieces of art and history by controlling your humidity!

It’s All About Control

Control humidity and you avoid excessively dry or moist conditions, both of which can bring undesired effects. Excess moisture can cause rust on metals, foxing on paper or cloth, and deterioration of almost anything. Dry conditions can cause cracking and brittleness. Not only that; rapid changes in humidity can cause warping and deformation.

Control your humidity with Art Sorb precise humidity control. Art Sorb controls humidity by taking in moisture (adsorption) when it’s too humid and releasing moisture (desorption) when it’s too dry. With the highest level of precision and a large buffering capacity, Art Sorb can control larger volumes of air longer and with greater precision.

Engineered silica beads at the core of every Art Sorb product

Explore the features and technology of Art Sorb products

Precise Humidity Control Without the Mess and Maintenance

  • Humidity is controlled to within 5% of target RH
  • Save time and money with no installation or maintenance required (link to use guide)
  • Safe. No risk of leaking fluids because Art Sorb is a solid bead
  • Safe. No harmful chemicals, for you or your pieces
  • Safe. Non-dusting and non-reactive for easy handling and use
  • Over five times greater moisture buffering ability than other silica type products
  • Custom fit with different humidity levels and packaging styles for simple incorporation into any application and container
  • Affordable. Check out our website for great online deals (link) on bulk orders

Art Sorb controls humidity by adsorbing moisture when it’s too humid and desorption moisture when it’s too dry.

Art Sorb excels at industry measures for silica performance such as the Equilibrium Moisture Capacity (EMC) and the M-Value. Art Sorb values are up to 6 times that of ordinary silica, equating to moisture buffering capacities that are well above the competition. To learn more about these measures, explore the full technical brochure (link).

Adsorption-Desorption Curve

The close overlap between the adsorption and the desorption lines of the curve means Art Sorb behaves similarly adsorbing and desorbing moisture: a true measure of 2-way humidity control.

Innovative Engineering of Art Sorb Silica Beads

At the core of every Art Sorb product are the moisture-sensitive silica beads which actively adsorbs and desorbs moisture in order to maintain a desired relative humidity. Art Sorb is a proprietary silica product that has been specially engineered in Japan to have the unique function of counteracting changes in humidity around its environment.

It is important to note that Art Sorb is designed to maintain humidity levels rather than increase or decrase severely incorrect pre-existing humidity levels.

Ordinary silica desiccants like those in medicine bottles only take in moisture (one-way), sometimes resulting in an overly dry environment. This is great for pills and shoes, but not for precious art works that require a specific humidity range. Similar competitor products try to mimic the functionality of Art Sorb, but are not able to match the unique chemical properties of Art Sorb beads. Art Sorb beads offers precise two-way transfer of moisture that results in a constant humidity microclimate.

Schematic shows how Art Sorb keeps constant humidity by pulling in moisture when it gets too damp, and releasing moisture when it gets too dry.