Which Art Sorb is right for you?

Cassette Type - $92.99 now $79.70 each
13” x 4.25” x 2”

Recommended for display or shipping crate applications. Contains 750 grams of Art Sorb beads in a PE/PP box using archive quality adhesive. Half cassettes also available (400 grams).

Loose Bead Type - $49.99 now $45.50 per pound

Recommended for all other applications including custom designed displays and containers. Most economical and more RH levels available.

Base Recommendations*

1 Cassette: 26 ft3
1 Half Cassette: 13 ft3

1 Sheet: 3.5 ft3
1 lb Loose Bead: 16ft3

*Displays in direct sunlight, high or low humidity regions, opened frequently or have leakage may require more Artsorb.
Please contact us with any questions.