Art Sorb Full Cassette

13” x 4.25” x 2”


Convenient Art Sorb cassettes are a great standalone product for immediate placement and humidity control in display and storage spaces. Simply remove the cassette from its airtight bag and place in target case, the breathable walls of the cassette allows maximum airflow through the Art Sorb beads inside.

RH Percentage

Art Sorb Half Cassette

13” x 4.25” x 1”

1 unit = 2 half cassettes


($69 each half cassette)

Art Sorb half cassettes offer a slimmer and lighter alternative to full cassettes. With similar construction and performance as the full cassettes, this product is suitable for small volume/space applications.

Note: Half cassettes are sold in pairs.

RH Percentage

Art Sorb Sheet

50% RH

20” x 20”


Well suited to control humidity in framing projects or in tight fitting display cases. Art Sorb sheets can be cut to an appropriate size and shape and can be mounted with adhesives.

Note: sheets are sold in units of 10 sheets.