Relative Humidity Guide for Art Sorb Products

Conservators, curators, and collectors have been using Art Sorb precise humidity control for years on projects to preserve fine pieces of art and history. These years of experience have helped the makers of Art Sorb determine the best suggested relative humidity ranges and application amounts. Your own requirements may be unique, but here are some general guidelines to follow when determining the type and amount of Art Sorb that is right for you.

Step 1: Determine the %RH level

Suggested %RH Levels per Material Being Protected

Metal, Stone WorksRH 40%
Papers, Woods, ClothesRH 50-60%
Oil Paintings, Mixed MediaRH 50-60%
Asian Lacquer-Ware, Stone WorksRH 60-70%
TextilesRH 40-60%

A higher target humidity in dry local climates or a lower target humidity in more humid climates may be necessary in cases that are not very airtight. Contact us for free personal advice on RH selection.

Step 2: Select packaging type

Available RH Levels

Free Beads40%50%60%65%70%

Select packaging based on your container or case, as well as ease of use. Cassettes are typically the most versatile product for most applications. Other RH level are available for special order. Please Contact Us (link) for special orders on RH levels not listed.

Step 3: Determine the quantity

Measure the approximate case volume you would like to control with Art Sorb. Then use the base recommendation list or our convenient online calculator to determine the appropriate quantity of Art Sorb needed for your specific application. Please remember these calculate the minimum Art Sorb needed and do not account for case leakage or extreme humidity environments. It is always safe to use more Art Sorb than recommended.

Base Recommendation
1 Cassette: 26 ft3
1 Half Cassette: 13 ft3
1 Sheet: 3.5 ft3
1 lb Free Bead: 16ft3

Full Cassette
Half Cassette
Loose Beads